Topless Waitressing In Sydney And Wollongong

Sexbomb has a stunning selection of waitresses available for themed, bikini, lingerie, topless and nude work. We have such a stunning selection of girls available for waitressing we just know there has to be a girl that’s right for every occasion.

All waitresses are beautifully groomed and have vivacious personalities that never fail to put a smile on customer’s faces.

All our waitresses hold their Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificates which we are happy to provide prior to the booking.

Our waitresses can be seen in our weekly venues, in and around Sydney and Wollongong. This gives you’re a chance to meet and great some of our Sexbomb Babes before you book, please check out our Venues page to see where and when our girls will be working in your area, or like us on Facebook to get updated rosters very week.

There is a minimum booking time of 2 hours for a waitress.

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Topless Waitress

Topless waitresses are the perfect bucks party idea guaranteed to impress all of your mates. Be the hero of the night and hire your entertainment through Sexbomb. If you are searching for topless waitresses, Sexbomb is the place to book through. Our topless waitresses are stunning, bubbly, experienced and have great personalities guaranteed to liven up your party or event. Sexbomb topless waitresses are available for waitressing in and around Sydney as well as on the Central Coast, Wollongong and Down past Nowra. All our waitresses are young, fresh, outgoing and ready to attend whatever function you have planned, be it a poker night, birthday, bucks party or any other function.

Nude Waitresses

We believe that each one of our customers deserve to be treated like royalty! Sexbomb Babes not only want to come and serve you drinks but they are keen to get their kit off as well while they do it! Why wouldn’t they be? With their amazingly hot bodies who can blame these babes for wanting to get nude for your next big event.
Our nude waitresses are beautifully groomed and have vivacious personalities. Sexbombs nudey rudey babes always deliver outstanding services for you and your guests.

Lingerie Waitress

If topless or nude waitresses aren’t your thing, you can hire our stunning lingerie waitresses to host your occasion. For some parties or venues, topless or nude waitressing just won’t do; so why not book Sexbombs lingerie models to come serve you drinks in their super sexy lingerie sets.
Lingerie waitresses are perfect for birthdays/bucks parties, launches, poker nights, soccer clubs, footy clubs, golf clubs, promotions and Christmas parties just to mention a few. Our lingerie waitresses are gorgeous, beautiful, young and fresh as well as professionals; meaning they have the expertise to deliver exactly what you want. Each of our Lingerie waitresses holds a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate which we’ll happily provide before the booking.

Pub Waitress

We all know the struggles of lock out laws and Sydneys dwindling night life. However, Sexbomb Promotions is only growing, and we all know Boobs have never gone out of style and they never will. So why not increase your patronage and overall pub profits. Providing your pub clients with table service, especially table servce that looks as good as Sexbomb Promotions, can only keep your patrons happy, content and drinking! What more do you need as a publican? A captive audience, a draw card, someone to provide table service, this and more is what Sexbomb Promotions provides.

Gone are the days when a pub waitress was just someone who would serve you drinks. Aside from the waitress being trustworthy, reliable and warm to the customer, nowadays you can talk to your pub manager and request your favourite waitress. Call us and book a waitress for your venue today! Sexbomb Babes come in all manner of attire, including cocktail dresses, sporting themes and fancy dress. Picture yourself seated in the pub being served your drinks by stunning, gorgeous lingerie dressed models. Your patrons experience in the pub with Sexbomb Babes serving, will be unlike any other, we promise!

It’s a massive draw card and a great way to advertise any venue. You can even ask us to create a promotional package alongside providing waitresses as well, which has pub coasters and branded logo items etc. for our waitresses to hand out and promote while at your venue.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and we’ll be happy to meet all of your requirements.

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